Aoi Hana

Fumi Manjoume, an introverted, bookish teenage girl, is beginning her first year of high school at Matsuoka Girls' High School. She enters the school year with her heart broken by a previous relationship. At about the same time, she reconnects with her best friend from ten years ago, Akira Okudaira, who is now attending Fujigatani Girls' Academy as a first-year high school student. As they reconnect, they both deal with their own respective romantic problems, and help each other get through them.


Season 1.0

1. Flower Tale (2009-07-02)
2. Spring Storm (2009-07-09)
3. Rise and Shine (2009-07-16)
4. Youth is a Lovely Thing (2009-07-23)
5. Wuthering Heights (1) (2009-07-30)
6. Wuthering Heights (2) (2009-08-06)
7. When the Leaves were New (2009-08-13)
8. Love is Blind (2009-08-20)
10. The Happy Prince (2009-09-03)
11. Fireworks in Winter (2009-09-10)