Animal Armory

Animal Armory is a high-impact limited series that reveals animals using their natural weapons and skills to dominate and win the brutal battle for survival. Watch as wildlife prevail with the use of teeth and claws, camouflage, venom and even spit to overcome prey and defend against attacks. Only the strongest will survive, win the right to mate, and ensure the continuance of their bloodline.


Season 1.0

1. Melee and Brawl (2016-07-07)
2. Jaws and Claws (2016-11-26)
3. Shock and Awe (2016-12-03)
4. Masters of Disguise (2016-12-10)
5. Lethal Injection (2016-12-17)
6. Shoot to Kill (2016-12-17)
7. Chemical Warfare (2016-12-17)