Africa's Hunters

Africa's Hunters is an engrossing, character-driven look at the lives of some of Zambia's most formidable predators - lions, leopards and hyenas. From an audacious, three-year old leopard who has won her first territory but is mercilessly challenged by older rivals, to a misfit lion cub who has finally found his place in the pride, and a clan of hyenas struggling in the grip of drought, life for predators is tough and they must be bold, cunning and strong if they are to make it through harsh times. Using state-of-the-art thermal cameras, we follow characters by night and day, revealing their lives in intimate detail.


Season 2.0

1. The Trials of Olimba (2018-02-06)
2. Brothers in Arms (2018-02-13)
3. Kings of Nsefu (2018-02-20)
4. The Lost Prince (2018-02-27)
5. The Hot Springs Pack (2018-03-06)
6. Heir to the Clan (2018-03-13)

Season 1.0

1. The Hungry Leopard (2017-02-06)
3. Bound by Blood (2017-02-20)
4. ​The Misfit (2017-02-27)
5. Teenage Pride (2017-03-06)
6. Survivors of the Plains (2017-03-13)